A film like a finely-woven tapestry, unifying things that are incommensurate. What is it about? Something that we all know, but which resonates differently with each of us, something that cannot be put into words. You could call it our inner hum. 
A station in thick fog, tracks that disappear into the white mists and a figure, waiting. In between patches of mist a fox appears, looking for a scent in the wind. And then: bluster, shimmer, silence. And more fog. Views of nature merge with brief encounters. People living in their own worlds: an astronomer who, looking to the sky, would welcome the idea that we might not be alone in the universe. A musician hoping to meet the right woman one day. And a stableman for whom the world has always turned a little too fast.   All are driven by their quiet longing to make contact, to not feel alone, to gaze into openness. Far from providing explanations, the film tries instead to help us perceive our inner hum, reaching out for an emptiness that cannot be grasped. In the end a clear view. The fox runs off, and we remain alone.

director’s comment
The Swiss midlands are my home - and sometimes I feel the fog is at home there, too. There is something that connects us. But what? Making this film I wanted to look into that. So we set off with the camera, following the fog, the wind and the weather. Sometimes we meet people on the way, sometimes we choose to stay a little longer with them. We linger because the little moments we capture express a feeling inside us. Many of the pictures we find seem to pose a question: «Do we live as we dream - alone?». Often they are lost moments, idle moments, insignificances that make up our lives. Places out of time and mind where we might feel we are at home. From all these inconsistent parts we have fashioned a film. A film that does not follow any system, but relies on colours, feelings, animals, the wind, the sky. And after some time it became increasingly clear to me what this is about: Something that everyone knows but which resonates differently in each of us, something I could never put to words. I would call it an inner hum.

by Nicole Vögele