“The film leaves its footprints in a diffuse shade of white, its trails converging into a delightfully open essay on ambiguity.”

“The jury was enchanted by the poetic power of its images and the extraordinary sensory experience provided by them.”

Berlinale DFJW Jury

“Far from obstructing our view, fog is that which positively opens it - the camera is like the strange gaze of a creature, an animal - assuring us of the future of life itself.”

Danny Gronmaier / critic.de

“Sound, image and idea form an intricate whole - becoming a creative form of torture that rewards its audience with a stunning view -  and entertaining and surprising family constellation of fog.”

Franziska Schröter / Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

“A cinematic experiment that is fun in the way it plays with our senses. Following five associations but never losing its way, fog brings together images that we could stare at for hours. A bold film that is about what we see - and what we don’t.  ”
Sehsüchte Jury